Air Audit Equipment

Most compressed air installations are not optimized and this increases the operation cost unnecessarily in terms of energy consumption due to wastage and underutilization. A compressed air system audit, either done in-house or by an independent third party, can highlight the deficiency in your overall system.

Airfilter Engineering offer a range of equipment to enable you to continuously measure and monitor your compressed air system to ensure they are energy efficient while providing you with the right level of service for your production.

Generally the main areas of concern in a compressed air audit include the following.

1.       Sizing of compressed air systems.

2.       Level of compressed air treatment.

3.       Energy consumption.

4.       Distribution system.

5.     Efficiency and Wastage.

We offer the following equipment for the air audit exercise.

1.       Dew point meter

2.       Particle counter

3.       Oil vapour measurement

4.       Flow meter

5.       Pressure meter

6.       Differential pressure meter

7.       Leak detector

8.       Energy meter

It is recommended that third party independent compressed air system audit be done periodically by professionals who are not only able to advise you on the status of your system but also recommend solutions and improvements.