Compressed Air Filters - D series

AIRFILTER ENGINEERING offers an extensive range of compressed air filters for removal of contaminants from your compressed air systems to meet the recommendation of the ISO8573-1. Compressed air filter is one of the most important components of any compressed air treatment system. Depending on the filtration grade selected, its primary function is to remove contaminants like particles, micro-organism, water aerosol, oil aerosol, oil vapour and other industrial pollutants. Our range of filters has been certified by Lloyd’s Register to be in compliance to the European Pressure Equipment Directive, PED 2014/68/EU. 

   For removal of solid particles, oil aerosol, oil vapour and water aerosol

   Design optimized for easier handling, installation & maintenance

   Robust aluminium filter housings with 10 years warranty

•  Built-in differential pressure indicator/gauge

•  Push-fit elements without tie-rod for easy and quick replacement

   Available for 16 bar pressure

   Five filtration grades available to cater to different applications

•  Efficient filter elements with pleated media design

•  Chromatised & powder coated for surface protection against oxidation

•  Leak tested for functionality and hydrostatic tested for safety

•  Validated to ISO8573/ISO12500 by an independent German institute

   Comply to the European Pressure Equipment Directives 2014/68/EU


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